Super Quiet Hair Dryer

Have a very early morning meeting and you’d like to look good without waking up half the neighborhood? The new LaiFen Swift high-speed hair dryer solves your problem. Its motor operates at 59 dB (almost a murmur), but its powerful 110,000 RPM and 22-m/s air speed dry your shoulder-length hair in three minutes. Three temperatures, an overheat sensor, and a set of magnetic adjustment nozzles complete the offer.


Purify Your Environment

Streamer air purification technology has been available since 2004, but the Covid-19 pandemic has relaunched its global popularity. Daikin air purifiers use a high-speed flow of electrons to break down and eliminate almost 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants present in the air. The device complements this preventive action with True HEPA filters, which eliminate fine dust particles as well.




A thousand and one colors for your lips

YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure device allows you to create unique lipstick shades. The device comes with a palette of liquid pigments that can be mixed together in a triple injector to create a wide range of shades. An app allows you to control the device from your mobile phone so you can match the tone of your lips to your dress, for example. Colors can be selected and produced in four ways: based on the palette, using other reference colors, with a list of shades from YSL, or using the Get The Look tool.


Incredible under & above water photos

Split photos (images that show above and below water at the same time) are very popular, but they used to require special photographic equipment. The Mini Dome Waterproof Mobile Case now lets you take these photos with your cell phone, protecting your phone at depths of up to 20 feet. Just snap your (up to seven-inch) Android or iPhone into the case. You can use your photo apps as well as your screen’s touch capability.



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