Gorillas and Mobile Phones

The simple act of recycling your old mobile phone can contribute to the conservation of gorilla habitats.

What’s up with the gorillas? The gorilla population in the Democratic Republic of Congo has shown a 73% to 93% decline. Today, only about 4,000 gorillas remain in the wild due to habitat loss.

What is the problem? The land the gorillas inhabit is rich in gold and other metals used to manufacture mobile phones. Every day, acres of forest are lost to the search for these metals.

What will help? Recycling old cell phones reduces the need to extract gold and other metals from areas inhabited by gorillas. For every thirty or forty recycled mobile phones, one gram of gold can be recovered. If we do not start recycling our phones, it is projected that more than 8,000 tons of precious metals will be lost in Germany by 2035 and China will lose nine tons of gold, fifteen tons of silver, and 3,100 of copper by 2025.

What can we do? Return your retired mobile phones to cell phone companies, which will reuse the metals to manufacture new phones.

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